Post Trade to Pistons, Tobias Harris Honored a Speaking Engagement with Kids

By Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie

George Karl, speaking out of turn last summer while also speaking truth to power last summer, was right. Every player is tradeable, and in the days before the NBA’s trade deadline life can be uneasy for those that understand this. Even given the NBA’s current extended All-Star break, you might have to pack up on the fly just because your team’s general manager decides he wants some more cap space this summer.

This is why it was quite impressive that former Orlando Magic hybrid forward Tobias Harris kept up his appointment to speak to a group of children on behalf of the Deeper Fellowship Church, sometime after it became apparent that he had been dealt to the Detroit Pistons.

Harris will be welcomed as the hoped-for swingman/stretch-four antidote that Detroit has badly needed all season. He’ll be embraced with open arms by the Pistons’ coaching staff, and the luxury of making $16 million this year (and over $33 million the next two years) will assist in any harried, rented and impermanent living conditions between now and the end of Detroit’s season.

Nobody likes to be at the whim of general managers that could send you to any of the NBA’s 28 different cities or 30 different teams, on the fly, however. In the face of that anxiety, most fall back on doing something that makes them feel comfortable, and at ease. Normal, even.

For Tobias Harris, that meant speaking to a group of children. Orlando’s loss is Detroit’s gain.

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